Summer’s End

Much like the the Europeans, I decided to take the month of August off – in this case, from anything photographic (okay, so I took most of July off too).  In this case, I think I just burned out and I wasn’t feeling inspired.   The sun rose today on the ninth month of a year, so I’ve decided to try to search out inspiration once again.  I do not know if I’ll be strictly sticking to Fat Mum Slim’s inspirational cues, borrowing from my friend Erin’s, or just posting photos that I like, but I’ll try for taking a photo a day for September.

090109.01 – Together

I had to bake a cake for a family potluck and I love these two flavors together.  In this case, I’m using a Cooking Light recipe (via Chef Dennis) for a Blueberry Lemon Pound Cake.  I have high hopes.


A Fortnight Passes

I don’t know quite how time got away from me, but I just realized it’s been TWO WEEKS since I posted.  I was trying to post daily on my other blog so, if I had to guess, I’d assume I just got tired of posting.  Time to play catch-up!

Days 16-21:

Days 22-27:


061306.13 – Kitchen
Waiting anxiously for the bananas to ripen just a little bit more so I can make some banana bread.

061406.14 – Texture
Years of caked-on soot line the inside of my grandparents’ ancient Weber grill.  It might almost be time to invest in a new one.

Alternate texture photos:



Triple Take

Today’s another three-for-the-price-of-one post.  Since I’m trying to post daily on my other blog, this one has taken a bit of a hit.  I’ve still loyally been taking my daily photos though!  Here’s the mid-week update.

061006.10 – You!
My perpetual post when I’m in my bedroom.  If I’m not reading, I’m online chatting with friends and looking for jobs.  Unfortunately, the chatting with friends is more productive.

061106.11 – Something Funny
My sense of humor tends to run to the cynical/sarcastic/snarky/smartass side.  I would never actually say this to anyone, but I certain think it often enough.

061206.12 – 11 o’clock
Around 11:00 this morning I was in the garden checking on my wee grape tomato and trying to nudge some of the evil demon bugs off my plants.

Snappin’ for the Weekend


06.07 – Bright
With apologies to Timbuk 3, my future’s so bright…


06.08 – An Animal
This fella greeted me at the fence when I was taking photos at the Possum Creek Farm


You lookin’ at me?

060906.09 – From Down Low
The view from below my tomato plant.  I really hope that’s mud splatter and not critters on the bottom of that leaf…



06.04 – After Dark
Sometimes sneaking out for a midnight snack of freshly-baked chocolate chip cookies is TOTALLY worth it.  Recipe is a completely bastardized version of Table for Two’s Caramel Stuffed Chocolate Chunk cookies.  Held the caramel and the chunk; used combination of milk and semisweet chips, added chopped pecans.  Yum!

060506.05 – Environment
Flowers definitely enhance our environment.  Last year, HRG didn’t have the time or take the opportunity to take care of her flower garden.  I think she’s much happier with her roses, irises, peonies, begonias, et al surrounding her this year.