From top to bottom: 17. Ready  18. Shadow 19. Delicious

To clarify, I haven’t fallen behind on snapping my daily photos – still going strong in week 3 (so sad!) – but rather on posting them here. Must stay the course!

I dug out my Caps sweater (go  Backstrom!) for Thursday’s photo prompt “Ready” because after half a season of being locked out, the NHL was finally ready to get underway.  Although tonight’s season opener didn’t go quite how I would’ve liked – the 6-3 loss to the Lightning hurt – I”m glad hockey is finally underway.

I took and rejected a number of photos for Friday’s “Shadow” theme, but ultimately snapped a quick shot of my library book when I got home.  Apparently, I’m on library probation because I have to check out with a librarian for the first two months instead of using the more convenient, self-serve system.  Oh well, I’ll survive somehow.  Fortunately, most of the books I check out these days are ebooks so it shouldn’t be TOO much of an inconvenience.

Last, but not least, cousins and their kids descended on my grandmother’s house this afternoon, so I baked up another batch of peanut butter cookies so they’d be around to nosh on.  I don’t know of anyone else sampled them, but I continue to find them to be delicious!