02.17 – In Your Hand

I got up at a decent hour and decided to spend some time reading in the sun room.

0218Monster truck!

02.18 – Something You Don’t Like  
I’m sure there’s a reason people need giant trucks, but they’re really a pain to see around when you’re trying to maneuver your way through a parking lot.


…a photographer

02.19 – I am…

Merriam-Webster defines a photographer as ‘one who practices photography; especially one who makes a business of taking photographs”  While I most certainly don’t make any money through my hobby, it is one of my few passions and everyday I strive to get better (this particular photo aside – oy!).  [Meanwhile, my grandmother is clearly an empty camera box hoarder]

I need to try to get back into the habit of blogging daily.  This playing catch-up is a pain!  Especially when I’m writing monster updates for my non-photo blog as well.