02.20 – Where You Stood

Three decades ago I used to stand (well, squat) on this little corner of the world and help my grandfather garden.  Well, “help” in the way that only grandchildren can manage.  I’m sure I ripped more fronds off the tops of beets and carrots than I ever successfully tugged from from the ground unscathed.  I was a little better with picking green beans – to this day, I can snap beans like a champ.  I can’t remember what else used to grow on this little plot – I’m sure there was corn and undoubtedly greens of some sort (mustard or collard).  I just remember always eating all of my vegetables at my grandparents’ house when I was little, because to leave any behind was an insult to his garden and that was NOT permitted.

[“A Good Garden May Have Some Weeds” – Thomas Fuller, according to Brainy Quote]