03.27 – Pair
This pair of pine trees died a while back; now we’re just waiting for the park to remove them before they fall on a power line this spring.

I initially thought about doing a pair of handknit socks or my oh-so-comfy fuzzy slippers, but in the end, I decided to go on a tour of the backyard instead.



Was going to type a clever caption but…BLECH! (but it made for a cool photo)shred

I feel like a critter has been going to town on the bark of this tree – maybe a deer?

twin pines

More trees that have to go when the forestry people come by.

chipHe was not impressed; he squawked at me for 15 minutes

I’ve been much better lately about shooting in manual mode. I’m not sure if it shows in my photos or not, but I’m working on it.  I also switched ISO back to manual control (though I’ve left white balance on auto).   I’m still cheating quite a bit.  Aperture is my baby so I still set it first and then count on my camera to tell me where to adjust my shutter speed.  Hopefully with time, I’ll get better at setting the numbers on my own without looking to the camera settings for correction.