Despite my longer-than-predicted disappearance, I HAVE been snapping photos.  Instead of making one giant, photo-heavy post, I’ll break it up into two or three.  I believe that this entire set was taken while I was visiting friends in DC for the week.

051505.15 – 7 o’clock
Met my friend Elizabeth at an old haunt for dinner.  We didn’t play anything but we heard the same Michael Jackson song four times.


05.16 – Mailbox…sorta
An Arlington animal lover has this mailbox posted on his/her fence.

051705.17 – Season
There’s an amazing store in Savannah called The Salt Table that has an incredible variety of seasoned salts.  I HIGHLY recommend it!

051805.18 – Want
I really want it to stop raining so that my friend’s party can go off without a hitch.  It continued to rain off and on all afternoon but the Third Annual Pork-Off was a huge success as usual.  These were the award-winning smoked BBQ ribs:



051905.18 – My Favourite View
A grey mourning with low cloud cover doesn’t make this long view from the Netherlands Carillon any less of a favourite.  You can barely see the U.S. Capitol in the distance, but the dome is just barely visible through the haze.

052005.20 – Light
Afternoon light shine’s through on my friend Karen’s traditional…uh…Memorial Day tree.

052105.21 – I Care About This
Or, rather, I should care about this.  I was diagnosed as pre-Diabetic years ago and I really need to get back on track in terms of trying to lose weight and control my blood sugar through diet and exercise.