Bustin’ Out All Over

060106.01 – B is for…BUBBLE!

060206.02 – A Moment
This moment – 2:08:13 PM EDT – will never occur again.  I wish I could’ve gone back to this moment and warned Jimmie Johnson not to jump the last damn restart in the NASCAR race, but what are you gonna do?  No timey-wimey nonsense here.

060306.03 – On My Table
Gardening was done by all today.  HRG was on flower patrol and I was weeding across the way.  The patio table held the combined flotsam & jetsam of our efforts.

After snapping pics of the table, I couldn’t resist HRG’s irises.  My favorite, however, is one that hasn’t yet blossomed:



May Finale

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I feel like I used my cell phone to take more photos last month than previously (June hasn’t started off any better).  A lot of the time, it’s the only camera I have with me when a prompt-ful moment presents itself.  However, if I’m using this project to personally try to take better photos, I need to set the iPhone aside and pick up the D90.  Hopefully this week I’ll be able to get back in the habit of lugging the big guy around.

Coming Up For Air

Despite my longer-than-predicted disappearance, I HAVE been snapping photos.  Instead of making one giant, photo-heavy post, I’ll break it up into two or three.  I believe that this entire set was taken while I was visiting friends in DC for the week.

051505.15 – 7 o’clock
Met my friend Elizabeth at an old haunt for dinner.  We didn’t play anything but we heard the same Michael Jackson song four times.


05.16 – Mailbox…sorta
An Arlington animal lover has this mailbox posted on his/her fence.

051705.17 – Season
There’s an amazing store in Savannah called The Salt Table that has an incredible variety of seasoned salts.  I HIGHLY recommend it!

051805.18 – Want
I really want it to stop raining so that my friend’s party can go off without a hitch.  It continued to rain off and on all afternoon but the Third Annual Pork-Off was a huge success as usual.  These were the award-winning smoked BBQ ribs:



051905.18 – My Favourite View
A grey mourning with low cloud cover doesn’t make this long view from the Netherlands Carillon any less of a favourite.  You can barely see the U.S. Capitol in the distance, but the dome is just barely visible through the haze.

052005.20 – Light
Afternoon light shine’s through on my friend Karen’s traditional…uh…Memorial Day tree.

052105.21 – I Care About This
Or, rather, I should care about this.  I was diagnosed as pre-Diabetic years ago and I really need to get back on track in terms of trying to lose weight and control my blood sugar through diet and exercise.

Entering Radio Silence

I’m not going to be able to post for a week or so, so I suppose I should catch up before I leave.


05.12 – Mother
She’s been gone for nearly five years and I still experience moments of unreal pain and loss.  Happy Mother’s Day, Ma.  I love you.


05.13 – Sunrise/Sunset
Went with the sunrise option, which was excruciating.  0630 came WAY too early.


05.14 – Need
Finally got seeds and seedlings into the ground.  Unfortunately, neither of the water pumps at the community gardens were working.  Um, gardens NEED water!
0514altNot so much a need…well, kinda.  Warm spring evenings at the ballpark demand an ice cold beer (in this case, Goose Island’s Summertime).   The Dayton Dragons beat the Whitecaps, 6-2.  We got to see MLB hurler Johnny Cueto pitch six innings while he was rehabbing with the Reds’ Class A affiliate.  HRG and I went to the game because her choir – the Dayton Celebration Choir – performed the national anthem.

Four Times the Fun


05.08 – Shape
You can’t really see my garden plot’s rectangular shape, but trust me and my aching back – it’s there


05.09 – A snack
After a day of running errands, I had to zip through the drive-thru for a quick snack.

051005.10 – Stars
I had no idea what I was going to snap that fit the theme, then I stumbled over this butterfly while doing laundry.  Voila!


05.11 – Smile
I used to make this exact doodle on all of my notebooks in school.

So much for mindfulness.  I had the worst time coming up with inspiration for the last few prompts; it’s probably why I took so long to post these pictures.  Tomorrow is going to be a bear as well, but hopefully inspiration will speak to me again next week.

Dappled Lilac


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lilac 63

05.07 – Something Beginning with F
I really didn’t want to resort to snapping pictures of flowers, but after the afternoon rain shower, I really liked the light outside.  My grandmother’s lilac bush was one of my photography victims.  I’m glad I snapped it when I did because she told me she’s going to cut them back in a month or so.  The top shot is my “official” photo for the day.

The Asiatic Lily did not escape my lens either.


Crumby Photo

050405.04 – In My Cup
Measuring out breadcrumbs in this handy 1/8 cup measuring cup for tonight’s dinner.  Baked chicken coated with a mixture of breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese.  Wasn’t as tasty as I’d hoped, but still, not bad.

I baked the Lemon Sticky Rolls for breakfast this morning.  They didn’t turn out half bad.  I worried they were a little on the tart side but HRG gave them three “very goods” so they can’t be all bad.  Bon appetit!